Embrace the Future of Golf Wagering: Combat Golf, the golf-specific cash app, is poised to revolutionize the way you settle your side bets on the golf course.

In the world of golf, did you know that over 80 percent of players spice up their games with friendly wagers? The golf course itself is a universe unto its own, with an astounding $8.5 billion ecosystem, rivaling the GDP of some smaller nations. When you embark on a round of golf, you’re setting out on a financial adventure. 

There are greens fees (some are ridiculous), stylish carts to rent, extra balls and tees to grab from the pro shop, and the delightful cocktails – sometimes comped – that accompany your game. It wouldn’t be complete without those friendly side games where a bit of cash is on the line. As the sun dips below the horizon, you and your golfing buddy, Dishaun, who lives just a few blocks away and hitches a ride with you, face that timeless dilemma of splitting the gas tab and settling the day’s wagers.

Meet Combat Golf, the brainchild of former NBA athlete and co-host of The NBA Today Show on SiriusXM NBA radio Eddie Johnson, alongside co-founders Quest Moffat and Justin Johnson. It’s a game-changer for the golfing community, driven by their shared frustrations. 

Organizing golf side games brought challenges – who would join and when? Overcoming this hurdle led them to yet another issue: aligning everyone’s game preferences and reaching a consensus on wagers. At that pivotal moment, they realized that each of them was grappling with the difficulties of finding like-minded golf partners, coordinating game schedules, and managing a range of payment methods just to settle a small wager. From Cash App and Venmo to Apple Pay and even the occasional Zelle user, it was a complex web of scheduling and payments.

Combat Golf, set to launch in over 30 states by October 2024, revolutionizes the golfing experience by connecting like-minded players reminiscent of a dating app with the thrill of integrating wagering, payment functionalities, and automating scoring into one comprehensive platform. With Combat Golf, users can seamlessly place and manage ongoing bets throughout a round, as well as settle up once the game concludes. The app’s user-friendly interface, akin to traditional cash apps, allows users to sync their debit cards and effortlessly navigate through game setup, invitation sending, and ongoing side bet tracking. Combat Golf’s motto, “Play For The Bag,” ensures fair and hassle-free transactions among playing partners.

Moreover, Combat Golf automates the scheduling and settlements of golf side games. Combat Golf simplifies the process for golfers, eliminating the need for manual scorekeeping and coordination efforts. With the ability to manage up to 5 games simultaneously within the app, players can enjoy a seamless and engaging golfing experience, all in real time.

What sets it apart is the user-friendly ecosystem that simplifies payment management. Users can place and oversee bets within their golfing communities during a round, with the added convenience of settling up once the game concludes. This innovative design renders Combat Golf as user-friendly as a traditional cash app, making it perfect for golfers looking to enhance their financial interactions.

Combat Golf is the product of a lifelong relationship with golf, and its journey is far from over. Eddie’s goal is to have Combat Golf operating nationwide by the end of the year, with international expansion on the horizon. 

An enticing series of tournaments and rewards programs is also on the roadmap, offering users exclusive access to private courses, apparel drops, and membership-only tournaments and events. These are just glimpses of the future but for those eager to learn more and join the community waitlist, visit combatgolf.com and prepare to “play for the bag.”

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