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Choose your favorite side games, wager friends, and let Combat Golf handle the scheduling and scorekeeping.

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Real Time Wager Management

Combat Golf helps you track bets in real time. Assign a scorekeeper to each group who is responsible for inputting the scores of the game. Combat Golf keep tabs on who owes who and calculates the bets in real-time as scores are being recorded. Choose your course, establish your conditions, extend invitations to your friends, and you're good to go.


Society Creation

Create golf societies and invite your buddies or discover new societies of golfers in your area or on the road to grow your golf circle and find new games to join. Create custom rosters of contacts to easily invite groups of golfers to your games.

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Don't Know The Rules? No Problem!

Don't know the rules, no problem. Combat Golf educates you on 20+ games and growing. Combat Golf takes care of all the complicated math so you can focus on the game winning putt. Enjoy popular game formats like Skins, Wolf, Match Play, Banker, and more.


Game History Wallet

Thought you were up $45, but your buddy's scorecard says you're down $20? Combat Golf aced Math Class, has not been drinking, and does not make up the rules of the game on the fly. Realtime leaderboards and automatic deposits into your Combat Golf wallet after each match. Sandbaggers Beware!

What Our Users Say

Combat Golf makes scheduling of my Mini Games much easier. The auto scheduling between the homies keeps me from contacting that once person who drops every time from putting his kids to sleep.


Dammit Man, can we just play is what this app makes happen every time. The app has saved me about 15 minutes figuring out how we are going to play and no more group text messages crowding up my messaging app.


I love golfing but travel a lot. So I never get to play at home, but this app makes it so that I can see games anywhere.

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Invite Friends and Get Paid!

Downloading the app is easy to do on the teebox. Invite your friends and get paid for everyone that signs up and becomes a member. Get started today.

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What is a Greenie, Wolf, or Banker side game?

Embark on a thrilling journey through side games and global challenges with Combat Golf, catering to golfers of all levels. Dive into a diverse array of formats including Match Play, Twelves, Stableford, and more. Combat Golf’s Game Education Center offers detailed guides on each game, simplifying learning and strategy. Arrange games with friends effortlessly via the mobile app. Elevate the excitement by betting cash or points, adding a competitive edge to your rounds. With Combat Golf, enjoy friendly rivalry while refining your skills on the course.

Golf Advice
Golfing Buddy

Mastering Golf Side Games: Elevate Your Game and Enjoy Friendly Competition

Enhance your golfing journey with side games, transforming each round into an unforgettable adventure. Amidst the tranquil beauty of the course, experience spirited competition and camaraderie, elevating every shot with anticipation and excitement. Side games infuse ordinary rounds with electrifying energy, presenting new challenges and triumphs at every hole. From aiming for the greenie to engaging in high-stakes battles for skins, each stroke tests your skills and strategy. Yet, beyond skill, side games foster bonds of camaraderie and sportsmanship, whether teaming up as the Wolf or engaging in friendly wagers. Explore the world of side games and add excitement to your golfing odyssey.

Frequently asked questions

Anything That You Need Answered, Can Be Found Here!

You can download Combat Golf from your device’s app store (iOS or Android). Simply search for “Combat Golf,” click “Install” or “Download,” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Combat Golf is free to use and you can use 100 percent of the application for free. If you wish to upgrade, you will be able to charge members to join your community.

Combat Golf calculates the wagers of your favorite games like Wold, Match Play, Greenie, Snake and Snakes, Banker, and more. We report the losses and wins, and you can pay your friends via Cash, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, and in the future with Combat Golf Wallet.

Combat Golf is all about community and allowing golfers to build communities for like minded golfers who play the way you do. 

Combat Golf enhances tournament play with the addition of themed side games such as Wolf, Greenies, Snake, Bunker, and more for large groups. 

Combat Golf provides education on 20+ side games so that you can make your next golf game more fun and challenging for your friends. 

Combat Golf allows you to add fellow golf friends to your community and or find new potential friends. Simply request to add them to your society and the invited user will accept and or decline. 

Please contact and list your issues off in the email. Thank you so much. 

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Welcome to the future of competitive golf. Combat Golf handles the hard work of coordinating, scoring, and settling your points and or real money on-course contests.


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